Samsung UN78JS9100 Review : Your best expedition partner to explore the new world of entertainment

Samsung UN78JS9100

Samsung UN78JS9100

Samsung UN78JS9100 is a Curved 78-Inch TV with 4K Ultra HD and Smart LED TV. This model includes a Samsung HW-J7500 Curved 8.1 Channel and a 320 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar.

This model will be the best option, if you want to go for a higher-end series with upgraded features. As this model satisfies the standard 8.3megapixelsaspect ratio 16:9 resolution, this TV definitely is a consumer television.

This model has advanced hi tech features and has adopted nanotechnology yet it guarantees a pretty user-friendly set up. Since it is the four times the better resolution standard than the 1080 pixel and has a curved screen with auto-depth enhancer, the Samsung UN78JS9100 truly does provide a thrilling effect to your TV viewing experience.

This model has some ‘ must-explore features’ like multi link screen, TV –phone sharing, motion control and voice control, Tizen elements that make this model the smartest smart TV. Owning this version of the Samsung TV will give you hands on understanding of the smartest smart TV.

The free 60-day tech support service will enable you procure this. The matters related with connection, configuration, setting up or troubleshooting will be sorted out by the product experts in a simplified and handy way over phone. In this way, you can start your own expedition with your TV.

This 78 inch TV displays exact 78 inch display size of the picture. The curved screen ensures you are given in your senses an exciting viewing experience to the core. The senses are personified and resurrected to a form and are treated with a never before experience. The Nano crystal technology gives te pur colour feature that empowers the world of colors. This experience will be the first of its kind. The wireless Audio Soundbar will take you into the screen and make you live there. The innovative technology that has been adopted will give your eyes no strain. It soothes your senses.

The other features that are unique certainly will immerse you into the operation of the TV.  TV- phone sharing, skype group video call, upscaling and dimming feature are to name few. It will also become a new platform to learn splendid things. This will be a tutor to make you stand apart in the world of technology and innovation.

This product does not require 3d glasses to excite you. 3d has now become a fad of the past. Samsung UN78JS9100 is the new 3d. This is the TV that will treat your senses by giving a real experience.

The idea to buy Samsung UN78JS9100 is worth owning. It is to bring the beautiful whole world into your life to explore at an affordable cost. If you want to upgrade your TV, this model of Samsung TV is worth buying.

This TV will be your best expedition partner to explore the brand new world. A new experience awaits you with the purchase of Samsung UN78JS9100. It is a promise that an owner gets on the purchase of this TV.